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Enjoy the month of June to August on our special Summer tea “White Peony” and “Peony Chrysanthemum” for this season. A perfect option for a holistic experience among these layered teas to be gifted or just relax and enjoy each tea from home.

Snow Chrysanthemum – S$40+
From the Kunlun mountains of China’s Xinjiang autonomous region, these flowers are grown at the altitudes of 3000 meters above sea level. The Chrysanthemum is grown in strict non-polluting and toxin environment and it has anti-heatiness properties.

Glutinous Rice Tuo Cha – S$28+
Known widely as the ‘Sticky Rice Pu Er’, sticky rice scented tuocha is mainly made of the large-leaf variety of teas named “maocha” that grow in the mountains of Yunnan. The loose pu-er is stored with dried Nuo Mi Xiang leaves for several months before being compressed into tuocha form. The result is aromatic glutinous aroma with a nutty and earthly finish.

Mandarin Pu Er – S$40+
An Exotic black blended with mandarin orange skin, it is tangy and gives the earthy black a tinge of citrus flavor. The well balanced sweetness makes it a perfect pair for spicy food and known to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

Lion’s Peak Dragon Well – S$32+
One of China’s most famous green tea from Hangzhou, the freshly pick leaves are pan fried and gives an inviting tasty aroma. The green has a sweet rounded flavour with a nutty buttery texture.

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