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A Dialogue with the Four “Shi Fu”

Golden Peony proudly presents her four new talented master chefs. Having amassed a host of culinary awards in the recent months including the much coveted Singapore Top 10 Chef Award, our four talented master chefs have co-created a special menu featuring their award winning dishes. Come celebrate and taste their success with a specially curated menu featuring dishes drawn from childhood memories and the passion to take new ingredients to the next level that creates an explosion of flavours.

Norwegian Salmon, Three Ways
By Chef Chow, Gold Medalist of Master Chefs and Hospitality Executives Award Taiwan 2018
Diners will be guided through a playful medley of textures in this dish

Crab Claw, Singapore Style in Creamy Chili Sauce
By Chef Loo, Crowned with Top 10 Chef Singapore 2018 Award presented by MAGGI & Singapore Chinese Cuisine Chefs (Singapore)
Inspired by Singapore’s most famous export, the Chili Crab, this dish draws upon the rich seafood heritage of the country

Baked Spare Ribs with Orange Honey Sauce
By Chef Meow, Champion of Master Chefs and Hospitality Executives Award Hong Kong 2017
A Malaysian childhood favourite with a new twist

Mee Pok with Minced Pork and Mushroom
By Chef Chow, Gold Medalist of Master Chefs and Hospitality Executives Award Taiwan 2018
Simplicity is the best description for this dish that marries superior produces to create an unforgettable taste

Soy Koi Pudding with Hasma and Red Dates Broth
By Chef Woo, Experienced Dim Sum Chef from Golden Peony
From art to food, this dish epitomizes the fluid and vibrant paintings of the koi

Date: Now until 31st October 2018
Price: S$98.00++ per person
Available both lunch and dinner

For more information or to make a reservation please call 6432 7488/82 or email sinci.goldenpeony@conradhotels.com