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There is absolutely no excuse not to feel completely and utterly festive as you have a slice of our Christmas Yule Log.

Snowman Panettone Yule Log (Contains Alcohol) Capturing the flavours of Christmas, this yule log consist of a Panettone Almond Sponge, Chestnut Cream, Vanilla Mousse and a luxurious Ganache.
Strawberry Santa Claus Yule Log This stylised yule log, consist of light Cheese Mousse, Strawberry Compôte and complete with a Vanilla Crumble.
Chocolate Santa Sleigh Yule Log Inspired by our all-time signature cake, this yule log consist of Sacher Sponge, Chocolate Ganache, Praline Mousse and a secret ingredient to give it that special crunch.

Venue: The Terrace

Available: 25th November – 31st December 2020

Price: S$75 nett each

For more information or to order please call 6432 7483/87, WhatsApp number +65 8322 9876 or email SINCI.festive@conradhotels.com