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Indulge and appreciate the Chinese culture by learning the art of tea pairing with our tea-inspired menu. Specially created by our celebrity Chef Ku Keung, our tea-inspired menu is replete with the aroma and flavours of  Tie Guan Yin (铁观音) and Peony Chrysanthemum (菊).

Treat yourself to a wide selection of handcrafted, innovative Dim Sum like Baby Abalone Dumpling infused with Peony Chrysanthemum Broth, Baked Iberico Spare Rib infused with Tie Guan Yin tea and many more tantalising bites.

About Tie Guan Yin

Probably the most famous premium oolong tea variety from China, Tie Guan Yin is prized for its aromatic and refreshing nature. This famous and elegant oolong is known to improve digestion boost the immune system and assisting in improving heart conditions.

About Peony Chrysanthemum

Sourced in Zhejiang, Peony Chrysanthemum possess anti-toxin and anti-heatiness properties. Through regular consumption, Peony Chrysanthemum aids in improving one’s eyesight and complexion.

Our Autumn Tea Pairing Set Lunch is priced at S$78++ (exclusive of  Chinese Tea Pairing) and S$88++ (inclusive of Chinese Tea Pairing), while our Autumn Tea Pairing Set Dinner is priced at S$100++ (exclusive of Chinese Tea Pairing) and S$110++ (inclusive of Chinese Tea Pairing).

Available now until 30 November 2019.

Golden Peony
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